Progressive, polymorphic and deeply rhythmic, Zindu's sound takes many shapes simultaneously—jazz, funk, rock, and world—but it’s always groovalicious!

Founded on a syncopated network of rhythm exchange between drums and bass, the essential sound provides upliftment and joyful derangement through an intuitive maze of quixotic vocal melodies and the sensual soaring of saxophone, while funky guitar riffs dig down deep into the gut of the listener imparting an irresistible pull to the dance floor.

The live show necessitates participation in a mysterious sweatbox of emotion, via the clang and calamity of incredulous collaboration, eliciting a surrounding soulscape of impulsive sonic resonances which permeate the entire being.

Zindu turns you upside down and inside out, takes you on a ride to the farthest reaches, beyond jupiter, and to the edges of the known musical universe.

Having recently released their second full-length album, Train to Jupiter – which No More Division describes as “casting deep, dark and swirling grooves across a wide and playful pool” – Zindu has re-established itself as a vital force in the progressive jazz-jam music scene.

Zindu was founded in 2002 by drummers Salvatore Folisi and David McLean who shared a vision of creating a powerful polyrhythmic project based on original rhythms and traditional Latin and West African drumming. 

The musical format evolved over time, becoming an open and experimental alliance, inviting each member's creative pulse and musical contribution.

Zindu has played 100 gigs over 13 years, experienced multiple incarnations with 16 musicians, and recorded 2 CDs and 1 EP.

Currently based in Portland, Zindu has performed throughout the West Coast, Arizona, Mexico, and Peru.

Current Band Line-up:

Salvatore Folisi / Drums & Percussion
Chris Hale / Electric Bass
Anna Horvitz / Vocal Instrument
Chris Azorr / Keyboards
Pat Rademacher / Electric Guitar

Zindu is very grateful for the many musicians who have contributed to our music, recordings and performances over the years.

All Band Members To Date:

Salvatore Folisi / Drums, Djembe, Percussion, Vox / 2002-
David McLean / Drums, Congas / 2002-2005 & 2009-2010
Chris Hale / Bass, Vox / 2003-2013 & 2015-
Robert Ackley / Trumpet / 2003
Terry Hovey / Bass Clarinet, Flute / 2003
Billy Carnese / Guitar, Vox / 2004-2014
Rone-iff Carr / Saxophone / 2004
Tate Chandler / Saxophone / 2005-2006
Jeff Sooey / Saxophone / 2006-2010
Bill Cornish / Keyboards / 2006-2010
Greg Kemper / Vox / 2006
Roy Feketitsch / Bass / 2014
Zachary Rouse / Saxophone / 2014-2015
Michael McGinty / Keyboards / 2014
Anna Horvitz / Vocal Instrument / 2015-
Adam Boomer / Electric Guitar / 2015-2016
Ryan Apodaca / Tenor Saxophone / 2016