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Groovalicious Jazz-Funk-Jam

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Zindu represents the evolution of an experiment into the farther reaches of rhythmic syncopation comingling with a creative interplay of diverse musical voices.

Exotic vocal melodies energized by the wizardly ramblings of keys and punctuated by funky guitar riffs dig down deep into the gut of the listener, imparting an irresistible pull to the dance floor.

What the hell is a zindu?!?  It sounds African or Middle Eastern, but it’s really just a made up word for music that blows your mind.

Check us out live to hear for yourself!

Upcoming Shows:

03.22.19 / Skyline Tavern / Portland, OR
04.26.19 / Skyline Tavern / Portland, OR

By Zindu
Train to Jupiter
By Zindu



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